Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cheer for Moto X- A new Generation of Phone, Maybe!

long-cherished phone of Motolora

After the long-waiting , repeatedly leaked Motorola Moto X finally solved its mystery face at the New York conference not long ago.

As the same as the case we learned before, The Moto X reveal didn’t deliver the super phone many Android fans were hoping for, while this phone focus on personalization and customization. With its new "boss"- Google, Motorola wants to lead the user to a new experience of interact with device. User not only can add their demand to appearance and material of the phone, even the cores of the products.
It seems that Moto X is a phone which brings a new concept of digital or Android devices, maybe, we can regard it as the protecter for the idea that: digital decive must make our life become convenient!


 A Real Google Android Phone

As one of the important subsidiaries of Google, Motorola has new software support from Google or other new providers, so Moto X has more powerful software features capacity. Apart from Android 4.2.2(of course, update for Android 4.3 will come soon after sale), Moto X is equitped with many humanized funcition. For example: users can access to mobile phones without directly touch, as long as through the "OK, Google Now", they can activate the phone , otherwise, this phone also support voice check for the weather, navigation, making phone calls , taking pictures with touching anywhere on the screen.

Another interesting feature of the Moto X is Active Display. The phone lacks a notification LED, so all your notifications show up on the lock screen. The screen will pulse softly when you have a new notification, and you can easily see which apps are trying to get your attention. If you want to see more information about a certain notification, you can press and hold the center of the screen while Active Display is on to see a small preview. Active Display works with all Android apps that give you a notification, and you can manually select which apps utilize the feature should you find too many of them clogging up your screen.

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Some apps which have existed in the original Motorola phone will be replaced, such as Moto Smartaction app is replaced with a new " Moto assist app". Anyway ,whatever apps in the Moto X, they all want to make you can enjoy using the phone.



Moto X 's Hardware Won't be shamed

Even if Moto X don't play the game of hardware competition with such as Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc, its hardware configuration still in the main stream. With so many sensors and convenient apps, Moto X must have a Motorola X8 processor, including a QUALCOMM Snarpdragon S4 Pro dulal-core which is 1.7GHz. And a Quad-core Adreno 320 GPU + two Motorola processors which are in charge of language interpretation and correlation calculation maked Moto X won't be weaken than those so-called flag-ship Android phone.

For the screen and size, Moto X has a 4.7 inches , AMOLED display screen with 720P, which may be a little weaken than other flag-ship phone, and the slim body(Length: 129.3 mm , width: 65.3 mm , thickness of 5.6-10.4 mm, weight: 130 g)will satisfy you.

You may aware of Motorola has a phone named Droid Maxx which has a powerful capacity in battery. Moto X inherits this capacity, it is known that it can be use within 24 hours under 4G.


The Most Amazing, Personalization and Customization

Compared with the hardware and software configuration, the biggest sale-point of Moto X is design by customer. The basic color of Moto X is white and black, but you can also order a customized Moto X online through Motorola’s Moto Maker
website and have it shipped to you in four days( the serviece just be applied in USA for AT&T users now). There are hundreds of different colors available for the back of the phone—as well as the camera ring, volume rocker, and power button—but you’re limited to white or black for the front face of the device. Users also can customize for memory , mobile phone wallpaper , body lettering , etc. Then there are over 2000 items of combination. Awesome, right?

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We can learn from Moto X that a high-level specs may not be able a good option for cunstomers, a smart-phone must a practical device which can make people life convenient and users can enjoy when they are using a smart-phone.

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