Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Android Data using- Save your Money

Big data Spending of Web surfer on the Mobile Phone

Syncing the phone data to the server isn't a rare thing nowadays, we all gradually are accostomed to move photos, apps, and contacts, etc in the phone to the cloud server. Even some of us are addicted to social networking-travel on Twitter, Facebook, etc all the time. Hey! How much data traffic of phone do you have? Maybe you should pay more to upgrade your data plan.

As the function of the smart-phone become more and more powerful, the wirless network data traffic of the mobile phone need more and more, especial for Android phone. Users spend on mobile phone data become more, which may trouble users a lot.

However, if you are performing on Android OS, you have some wiggle room. Thanks to the humanization setting , we can control the data trasfer on Android phone.
How to save data on Andorid? Let's know more about the tips and tricks.

Make the Apps "on diet"

Almost all the apps need data support, no matter you actively use them or not. They need to check for update, run ads and sync your personal data on the background. Those actions will cost your cherished data slowly and secretly. It is necessary to make them on diet:

1. Update Apps just in WiFi Mode

We can do this setting in Goolge Play: Menu> Setting>Auto update apps, then choose the "Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only", of course, you can choose "Do not auto-update apps" . In this way, we just can update apps in manual form.

2.Setting in Apps

Generally, apps developer will add the data trasfer option for apps. So you can set the app just dowload or upload data in WiFi mode or 3G mode. For example, Goolge account will sync your photos, videos, contacts and text messages in a regular time. Here, you can shut down this function to make it don't sync in the background.

3.Control the Background data Traffic

Most apps will run with data in the backgroud, and few of us can notice this action. In this case, we can control data traffic with original Android data setting(Feaured in Android 4.0 and neweast version OS), Go to Setting>Data Usage, tap the app in the apps list with accompanying data usage stats, here you can see the forground dand background data usage of this app, then you can scroll down to the bottom and check "Restrict background data."

Sync Setting Restriction

1. Adapt your Google sync

An Android phone must have a Google service, which provide data sync for users. Those data sync will cost many data traffic, especial photos and videos. To adjust sync options, head to Settings > Accounts > Google, and select an account. Here, uncheck the boxes next to the items that don't absolutely need to be synced. Repeat the same process for other accounts.

2 Turn off sync temporarily

Maybe you can turn off the Google sync for a while, just turn it on when you need to backup or recover data from Android phone .

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