Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Recover photos,contacts, text messages,call history and videos from HTC One after update Android 4.3

HTC One get Android 4.3 Jelly bean update

It is reported that HTC One will get Android 4.3 Jelly bean firmware soon. In fact, Taiwanese devices have gotten the first update messages.

However, we need to pay attention to the Android update. The past experience tell us that, it is easy to loss data when we upgrade Android OS, most of cases of data loss result from no backup. So, how can we recover data from HTC One if we loss data after ugrading it to Android 4.3??

General way(base on backup) for HTC One Data Recovery after update Android 4.3

If you are a Android geek , you won't be strage for the CWM mode, which can backup and restore a whole system of Android phone. So, if we loss data after updating HTC One, we can restore lost data by CWM mode. What if you use the official firmwatre of HTC, I think you need to root the phone and install the CWM mode again.

CWM mode just can help me recover whole system, if we want to recover a part of data in the HTC One, such as photos, contacts, or text messages. Here we need do make good use of the Google service in Android phone. For any Android data recovery, including HTC One, we can use Gmail account to backup and restore data. When we sign up and login a Google account in HTC One, we can enble the automatiacal sync in Setting, then the phone will backup the contacts, text messages, and photos to the server. Only you lose data or need to restore previous status, you can sync them back from Google account.

Android OS allows the 3rd-party app easily access to the system because of the open-sourcing. So there are so many kinds of backup and restore apps in Google play that can help us backup and restore data from HTC One, for photos, for contacts, for other files in the phone, and so on.

HTC one data recovery

How to Recover lost data HTC One based on no backup

However, no matted the CWM mode, Gmail account or the 3rd-party apps, they need the backup data support. No all of us will have backup data when we need to recover lost HTC One data after updated Android 4.3. Thus, how can we do?
No worry! We can use Android data recovery software to get back lost data from HTC One on computer.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Android file recovery software that can recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history from Android Phone and Tablet.Get more detail about Tenorshare Android Data Recovery here: This app support Android 2.1-4.3 and all kinds of brand of Android devices.

Just follow the guide of this app, you can recover lost files from HTC One in Android 4.3.