Monday, September 9, 2013

Android restore and backup-Tips for Android phone Data Restore and backup with Google Account

Don't lose your data from you Android phone

In the daily use of Androi phone , the most important things in the phone are the photos, contacts, text messages, call history, app data which are be accumulatted in the life. What if these data unfortunately lost, it will bring great losses. How to do a backup for Android phone important data is a very important thing.

For android phone , many features are associated with Google 's Gmail , like electronics market , email , Gtalk , etc, which are associated with Google 's Gmai. What if we sign up an Google account is helpful for android phone using. Here, I would like to share some useful skills about how to use Google 's Gmail email account to back up and restore your Android phone data and so on. Let your important information are synchronized online to the cloud database, even if you use another android phone, you can simply log into your Gmail to sync data and see your important information backed up immediately, whenever and wherever.

android data restore and backup

How to use Google account to backup and restore Android phone data

To back up and restore contacts in the phone, you need to sigh up or login in your Google account firstly, go to Setting> account and sync, then you need to click on the option of "background data" and "automatically sync", then your phone will sync your phone data, such as contacts, text messages, calender data, etc to the cloud server. When you loss data from Android phone, you can enter your account and tab the "more", you will see the option for restoring data from prievious state. For example, Google account allows you restore contacts from 30 days ago.
For apps data and phone setting, you can use the "backup and Restore" feature, go to Setting>" Backup and Restore, then select the option of "Back up my data” and “Automatic Restore”. Then you can get back the deleted apps including their data and the phone setting.

What's more, when you re-install the app which have been in your phone before, the Google account will download the app data from server. Although it can't be sure that it can recover 100% data, it will restore some which is better than nothing.

How to Recover Android data without Google account Backup

However, accident alway happens when you are at ease. Some user don't have a Google account or can't find the backup data they want in Google account, but they lose data. Any ways for Android data recovery without Google account?

If you have any backup for your Android lost data, the only way to recover data from Android phone is Android data recovery sofware, you can learn more from here:

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