Friday, December 20, 2013

Safe and easy way to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Some common scenarios that sadly results in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo loss

1. somebogy is a poor eye–hand coordination guy while viewing photos on the Galaxy Note 3, instead of "share", you hit delete,well, all photos are gone.

2.File disappeared mysteriously during transferring, they can neither be found in the phone nor the computer.

3.One inadequately planned factory resetting but without backup.

4.Rooting or OS update cause data loss from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

If you have such trouble, you must want to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

What you need to do if you have to recover phtoso from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

In fact, if you ever suffered from the similar situation of data loss, or you learn from some guides about data recovery on the web,you can find some head-work are necessary when you do data recovery including Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photos recovery. The first step must be stopping using the device. It is the same in Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you had better not ust it to take photo after accidentally photos deletion. If have to use, as less as possible.

Other else preprations you need to do that can improve the possibility of photos recovery in Samsung phone.

1. Free the space of phone- you can delete someting useless in your phone internal memory or memory card. This action can prevent deleted photos overwritten by new data even if you have to use phone after data loss. And when you use recovery software to recover deleted photos, the speed of scanning will be faster.

2. Check backup before recovery- Most Android phones have the backup and restore feature. When data loss from Samsung phone, try to find backup data from your phone. Maybe you will have surprice!

3. Tool readying- if you need to recover photos from Samsung phone on computer, you have to prepare a USB cable, and install the drive for Samsung phone. I think there have been drive on your computer, if you have been used to manage your phone on computer.

samsung galaxy note 3 photo recovery

Ways for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photos recovery

Way 1: restore from backup
This is the most common way for Android data recovery. Generally, we will backup Samsung Galaxy phone data via Gmail,KIES or other backup and restore apps, such as Dropbox, Titanium. So, you can check your backup firstly, maybe you can get back lost photos from backup.

Way 2: use Android data recovery software
This way is commonly effective when you don't have bakcup. However, if you want to use Android data recovery software to restore lost photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you need to pay more attention for the preparations I mention above.
Most recovery software can help you find out those lost, invisible data from phone via some programs. It means, if your deleted, formatted, lost photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are overwritten or erased, data recovery software can't help you get them back. Anyway, you can try more recovery software, different software have different program or algorithm.

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