Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One click solution for how to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4

Are you one of the users of 4,000,000 Samsung Galaxy S4?

Not long ago, it is reported from South Korea media that, over 4,000,000 Samsung Galaxy S4 have been sold all around the world. There is no doubt that, Samsung have become the King of Android phone, which have the biggest marketing share now.

I am the one of the 4,000,000 users, and I found some problems about Samsung Galaxy S4 photo loss and recovery when I use this nice gadget in daily life.

Accidentally deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 have been no strange to us

I never imaged that photo loss from Samsung Galaxy S4 will happen to me until my little brother accidentally deleted all photo in my phone. You know, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a powerful capacity of photography, so I like to take photos with it, there are many pics in my Samsung Galaxy S4. I quickly searched for Samsung Galaxy S4 photos recovery solution on the web, what surprised me was so many guys were faced with such as trouble. And I concluded some common reasons for photo loss from Samsung Galaxy :  
1.accidental deletion in gallery or folder: tap the "delete" without consciousness .( Just like what my brother did) 

2.Factory resetting or format the memory card in the phone 

3.OS update without data backup 

4.System crash caused by re-flashing Rom 

5.Water damage makes phone can't work as normal 

6.other hardware and software errors

Possible ways to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4

After knowing I wasn't the only unlucky man, I wonder that whether it is possible to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4, because there is no recycle bin in Android phone. However, I learn from a blog that we have chance to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy S4. It list some ways:

1. Gmail account and Google+ backup
Almost all Android phone has Google service firmware which allow you sync phone data to server. When data loss happen, you can sync them back with backup. Especially the Google drive allow you save original files.

2. Backup and restore apps and software
Secondly, we can make good use of a large number of apps in Google Play, there are many backup and restore apps. And the Android phone generally have a backup and restore app which is provide officially. On the other hand, some Android management tool such as Samsung KIES can help us backup and restore mobile phone data from computer backup.

3.The 3rd-party Android data recovery software
This way work when you don't have any backup for your Samsung Galaxy S4 photos. However, we need to pay more attention when we use this way. Those Android data recovery software help us restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 by scanning real file in the storage space.

The principle of file system tell us that when we delete a file from any storage media. In fact, the deleted file is just invisible and still in the space, it just will be overwritten by new data when new data need to save to the space where the old one occupied.

Therefore, if we use data recovery software to recover deleted photos from Android phone, we have to reduce to use our phone and don't take photos with it.

samsung galaxy s4 photos recovery

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 with recovery software

Because I had no backup for my photos, I have to use the third way to recover Samsung Galaxy S4 photos. I kept searching on the web, tried to find some software for Android data recovery. Finally, I got a recommendation from a Youtube video,about an Android Data Recovery that is good at recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

I tried to use this tool, and its operation is very easy, after few steps, I had gotten back all my lost photos from Samsung Galaxy S4.

Step 1.Install Tenorshare Android Data Recovery to your Windows computer, then connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to computer.

Step 2.Here, you need to enable USB debugging and storage in your S4, then the program will detect your phone.

Step 3.After detecting,click "next" button, at the same time, tap "allow" in the phone when "permission ask " occur. Then scanning will begin.
Step 4.After scanning, you can preview the lost file and choose the one you want to recover.