Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back Up and Restore Android Text messages, SMS

3 Ways can help you back up your Text messages in Android phone

Text message is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to communicate with others now. Most users store many text messages in their phone. However, in most phones including Android phone, the space to store text messages is limited, when your text messages are overload for the phone, some older of them will be auto deleted by Android OS. In this case, you are under the dangerous of losing some important SMS. Here are the 3 common ways to back up Android text messages.

1.Official backup and restore app

No matter what brands of Android phone, there must be an official backup and restore app and software as an attachment for users. We can make use of them to back up our important text messages. Go to this app, we can choose what kinds of data to back up, then choose text messages, tap backup, it will back up your text messages data to SD card or internal memory of the phone. Another software that work on PC also can help you back up phone data to computer, which is more safer. Such as Samsung KIES, Sony Xperia PC Companion, etc.

2.Copy your SMS to SIM Card

You know, SIM card also is a storage card, except for contacts numbers, you also are able to copy SMS to SIM card. The copy option generally is in the Setting menu of “messages” app in Android phone. You go to the message box and long tap the messages that you want to back up, then you can see the Window contains “copy to SIM card” option will occur, just tap this option, your message will copy to SIM card.

android text messages backup

However, the space of SIM card is not too much, so you had better store the most important messages to it.

3.3rd-party Text messages backup apps.

Indeed, apart from the above ways, we can use those backup apps to backup your Android text messages. There are so many text messages backup apps you can find from Google Play. I think there is no necessary to recommend some of them here, most of them are almost similar except slight differences.

How to recover deleted, lost text messages SMS from Android phone

When you lost text messages after system update, phone crashes or other data loss accident, you can use above 3 ways to restore text messages from Android phone based on backup exist.

However, if you don’t have backup, how to recover text messages from Android phone without backup?

You can prefer to use Android data recovery software to get back lost data from Android phone on computer.

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