Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two ways for Android phone SD card Recovery on Mac

Corrupted? Accidental deleted? Or formatted?

Most Android device users will add a Micro-SD card to their devices for more storage memory space. However, you can learn from the Internet that, many accidents happen to users’ Micro-SD card in Android device, including deletion, formatting, partition corrupted, even virus attack. All of accidents will make data loss in Android Micro-SD card.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to handle data loss in Android phone, especial for Mac OS users. Because of the differences of Android OS and Mac OS, there are few special Android data recovery programs for Mac OS. Most of them just can work on Windows OS.

In this article, let’s learn two ways to recover Android SD card on Mac OS.

Way 1: Use memory card data recovery program for Mac

As you know, we lost data from Android SD CARD, so we can use common memory card recovery program for Mac to get back lost Android SD card data.

Before using recovery program, we need to pay attention to some important preparations.

Firstly, you had better not use your Android device so much, especial those apps that will save data to the SD card, but not internal memory. Perfectly, you can replace the Micro-SD card that lost data with another. Then keep the card safety.
After unplugging Android SD card from device. It is possible to recover Android SD card data on Mac with program directly. To connect memory card to Mac computer, you need to get a good card-reader what may have an effect on scanning speed.

Lastly, use an effective memory card recovery program to get back what have lost. There are many recovery programs for Mac on the Internet. As for me, I will use Card Data Recovery for Mac.

Card Data Recovery for Mac user to recover photos, videos, audios, documents from memory cards used in cameras, phones etc. It supports various memory cards types including SD card, Micro-SD, SDHC, CF Card, USB flash drive, as well as Mac hard drive and external hard drive etc. It supports all kinds of Micro-SD card, and work on all versions of Mac OS.

recover data from android micro-sd card on mac

Way 2: Professional Android data recovery program for Mac OS

Another kinds of way to get back lost Android SD card data on Mac is more helpful and professional. More and more Android device won’t support external Micro-SD card, so some of them recognize internal memory space as SD card.

However, general memory card recovery program can’t recognize Android device as drive in Mac computer. We need to use professional Android data recovery program to recover data from Android device on Mac OS.

This kind of Android data recovery program not only can recover data from Android SD card, but also can scan the internal memory of the device.

Indeed, I prefer to use Android data recovery program for Mac OS. It can scan out more data about Android device.

For this kind of software, I recommend you to use Android Data Recovery Pro for Mac.

Android Data Recovery Pro for Mac is an outstanding data recovery tool on Mac. With powerful Android data recovery ability, it can get back all deleted, or lost photos, contacts, messages, and other files without any data damage. This professional data recovery software is available for all phones and tablets running Android OS, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and other Android brands.

Tips for Android Micro-SD card

Indeed, Using Micro-SD card in Android device for more storage space, so it is important to learn how to use Micro-SD card in Android device.

1.Choose a suitable size for your Android device.
It doesn’t mean the bigger the better; you need to choose a size based your device specs.

2.Don’t unplug the card from Android device improperly. 
We had better unplug Micro-SD card from Android device shut down. If not, the card is very easy to be corrupted.

3.It is better not save too large size data in Android Micro-SD card.
The Micro-SD card in Android device needs to support large data transfer. If you save too large size in the card, the device needs to use more time to read and transfer data. During data transferring, no one can be sure that error won’t happen.